Lever espresso machines – the art of manual espresso making

Lever espresso machines are as delicate as a Formula 1 car plus as efficient and ritualistic as a samurai sword. Not that dangerous though, since the worst case scenario is that you get a terrible brew and waste some precious coffee. These silent coffee makers are sought after because you can pull terrific espresso shots with an amazing golden-brown natural layer of coffee oils sitting on the top – genuine crema. Sounds appealing? Enter the intriguing and confusing hands-on world of the lever espresso machines.

Are lever machines for you?

Before embarking on this journey, do ask yourself:

– Am I a patient and ardent coffee-lover?
– Am I mad about espressos to the extent that I may feel let down drinking inferior shots?
– Do I usually have around 5 minutes for actively making coffee?

If you have answered all the three questions with yes, there is a very good chance that getting into lever espresso machines is for you. Be warned, it is not an inexpensive passion.

Beware the drawbacks!

To make an excellent espresso you may need to invest into a conical burr grinder too and some additional minor accessories. Also, there is no going back. It is incredible how delicious an espresso you can pull using one of these. You will often be unsatisfied with the beverage that your average barista hands you from behind the counter.

In for life

Lever espresso machines are simply not throw away items, they will serve you for decades with proper care. Some of them are more affordable, and if you add up having to buy a cheaper machine maybe every two years, is there really difference money-wise? Only you won’t get to enjoy the premium espressos you could have pulled with a lever machine. Nothing compares to a shot pulled right.

Even Elmo knows what’s on, so how can you not love a lever?