Waring Pro ES1500 review

Vero Barista (aka ES1500) is an attractive entry-level lever espresso machine. It has mixed reviews but is still a useful counter-top machine with a heavy steel body. Many dismiss it as a lever machine but it is better to include a review to save our readers some time.

The Waring Pro espresso maker features a built-in crema enhancer and a special Pannarello frothing add-on. Still, most espresso-lovers reported that it is much more usable without these innovative features. You can either use ese pods or ground coffee. The machine comes with an aluminum and a brass portafilter to go with those two options.

Two problems need to be mentioned that could actually prove to be design flaws. The cup heater does not seem to be producing enough heat and many complain about the unit leaking at the top. Still, if you get an unfortunate leaky unit, the good news is the company is very much around, and they care about their name.

While this machine is controlled by a lever, the mechanics of it are not identical with those of an ordinary lever machine. The lever here is more like a switch that you turn of and off. You do not need to exert force and cannot either vary the extraction time or speed. The lever does not go back by itself, you need to put it into the the off position.

So, Waring Pro ES1500 has its challenges but after some fine-tuning it can serve you well. Its main attraction is being good value for money because other machines with a boiler are twice the price at least. Only the ROK is more affordable, but that unit does not have a boiler.

dimensions: (hwd) 17.4 x 12.5 x 11.6 · net weight: 14 pounds