Ponte Vecchio reviews

Pontevecchio Lusso

This item is one owners seldom complain about. That untouchable late seventies groove lives on forever in this quality die-hard lever espresso machine that’s even easy to use. One of the best buys and very newbie friendly too. How come?

Many would just be attracted by its looks that sets a laid back bar atmosphere, but this piston lever unit is so much more than merely an attractive stylish item. Over-heating is a recurring problem with almost any the top-line lever machine available today, but the clever design of the Ponte Vecchio Lusso takes care of that problem.

A thermosyphon heat exchanger is placed between the boiler and the group head, so the device does not overheat but keeps the right temperature all the time. Also the Ponte Vecchio Lusso is designed to be left on, no need to switch it off when not in use. You can just walk up to it and pull a shot, which comes incredibly handy at a house party or small office.

Its 3-liter-large boiler will make around 10 doppios easily. You are pulling shot after shot and machine’s temperature still remains stable. A clever feature is that the machine turns off automatically when the water level is too low. You can also check this yourself having a peek at the visual water meter. Some complain about the drip tray being smallish, but you are simply better off using a pitcher when running the cleaning water anyway.

The main selling point of the lever espresso machines will always remain the espressos they make, and you will easily make terrific shots time after time using this Ponte Vecchio machine. Lever is not hard to pull and you get plenty of creama with the espresso shots even if the grind varies.

dimensions w/ lever: (hwd) 18″ x 14.2″ x 11″ · net weight: 26.5 pounds

See the Lusso in action. Pay attention to the multi pull (two strokes) this Briton performs, plus he even made the portafiler bottomless.

Your average lever-lover’s wet dream is knocking on the door with love from Italy. Please excuse any possible indecencies implied.

Pontevecchio Export

Export is the sleek smaller brother of Lusso. Same build quality and precision went into making this machine. While it does not have the constant-on feature for high volume espresso making it is a very well made and attractive spring lever machine. The group is bolted to the boiler like with many other lever espresso machines, so overheating can be a real problem when used for a long time.

dimensions with lever: (hwd) 18.75″x6.3″x11.02″ · net weight: 17 pounds

Our friend from Thailand in the video gives us a very good demonstration. Witness his Fellini move and also how after the extraction he prevents the residue drip from falling into the shot with a small spoon. A sign of true dedication words cannot describe.

The Export is a very nice alternative to the Elektras style and price-wise if you are looking for a piston lever machine. Convenient and stylish piece of exceptional machinery.